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The website www.fancyjunior.gr includes the online store for the sale of products through the internet of the "Fancy junior" store owned by Sofia Tsoura, based in Athena, at Kapsali Street. 9, with VAT number 801304609, Tax Office DOY D' Athens, tel: 2107212097.

The purpose of the website is to inform its users about the available products of our store as well as the possibility of making purchases electronically.

Any use of the website (indicative registration, entry, browsing, transaction) implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the following terms, which will prevail any contrary express or implied agreement between the store and its users. Modification of these terms will not be considered and will not form part of them, if not expressed in writing.

The visitor - user of the website must before using it to read and fully understand these terms. Our store reserves the right to modify the terms of use at any time without prior notice. The user of the website must check the content of the terms of use for any modifications. The continued use of the website, after their modification, constitutes full and unconditional acceptance of them.

Our store does not bear any responsibility for any damage suffered by the user of the website from its use. Our store takes all appropriate measures in order for the data and information contained on the website to be complete, accurate and reliable. However, the content of the Website of the Store's website is provided "as is" without any express or implied warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, accuracy, timeliness, availability and reliability of the above data and information. Our store reserves the right to modify the website, to add and remove the data and information contained therein, without any prior notice.


All the content of the website, indicative of the design of the website, texts, original photos, are the intellectual property of the store. The distinctive title, the trademark and the name of the website are the property of the store.

Trademarks contained in the website are registered trademarks of our store and third party organizations, companies or organizations. The use of these trademarks is prohibite


These terms as well as any tour, use and transaction with our store are governed and supplemented by Greek law, EU law. and relevant international treaties. Any dispute or disagreement that arises between our store and the users of the website during browsing, use and transaction is introduced exclusively for adjudication in the competent courts of Athens, Greece.

All terms are agreed upon as essential. Any provision of the above terms becomes contrary to law, automatically ceases to apply, without prejudice to the validity of the other terms.

4. Terms of Transaction

Every transaction from our store is regulated by these terms. The submission of an order presupposes that the user-customer has legal capacity and that this constitutes a valid declaration of will. The submission of the electronic form for registration of the order is an unconditional acceptance by the user-customer of these terms.

The submission of an order presupposes the completion of the special form with the registration of the necessary data of the user of the website. The order is completed by sending an e-mail confirmation of receipt of the order.

5. Safety

Our store takes all necessary measures to ensure the protection of your personal data. Electronic transactions are carried out using an encrypted SSL protocol.

6. Price, Availability, Features

Our store takes every appropriate measure in order for all the required information about the products (price, features and availability) to be correct and accurate.

The photos of the products that appear on the website may show slight differences compared to the real product, in terms of appearance and colors.

We reserve the right to change prices, features and availability without prior notice.

In the exceptional case that we find an error in the information (price, features and availability) of a product that you have already ordered, we will inform you immediately, giving you the opportunity to confirm your order at the correct price, availability or features. In this case, if you cancel your order while you have already paid the price for the purchase of the products, you will receive a full refund.

7. Emails - Newsletters

Our online store regularly sends informative emails, which contain news, information about products and offers of the Company.

Newsletters are sent only if you choose and for as long as you wish. You can unsubscribe at any time from the list of recipients of the newsletter, through the link that exists in it. The newsletters may be marked by your e-mail service provider as spam and end up in the spam folder. For this reason we suggest that you save the sending address of fancyjunior.gr in your safe list.

8. Cookies

Our store website uses cookies to provide better services to users - customers, personalization of settings and information, as described in detail in the Privacy Policy.

9. External Links Our store website may contain references and links to other websites, which are not controlled by our store. Our store can not guarantee services and products included in them. Our store is not responsible for the content of these websites, and is not responsible for any financial or other damage to the user who follows these links.